A recent social media uproar has reignited concerns about food hygiene at Mamak stalls in Malaysia.

A now-viral Facebook video shows a customer’s horrifying discovery – a maggot squirming in their Mee Goreng Mamak.

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The disturbing footage, shared from Muadzam Shah, Pahang, has garnered over 1,000 shares and sparked outrage.

In response, netizens expressed disgust and called for stricter hygiene practices at the restaurant.

Mamak stalls are a cornerstone of Malaysian culture. These ubiquitous eateries, typically open 24/7, serve a variety of delicious and affordable dishes, the majority of which are halal.

Additionally, they are also a popular go-to for late-night meals, casual gatherings, and quick bites.

However, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of food safety regulations and responsible food handling practices.

While many Mamak stalls are known for their cleanliness, this incident highlights the need for vigilance from both customers and authorities.

The public plays a crucial role by reporting any instances of contaminated food to the Health Ministry or local authorities.

This helps ensure that Mamak stalls, and all food establishments, maintain the high hygiene standards expected by Malaysian consumers.

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