What do you do when you received a call from your employer after working hours?

Would you pick up or would you ignore the call?

According to Malaysian businessman Aliff Syukri, one should always be available to answer phone calls or text messages from one’s employer in order to be an exemplary staff.

In a one-minute tiktok video posted by user papalarisofficial, Aliff shares his opinion on the question, “My employer always calls time during non-working hours. Should I pick up?”

He starts off by explaining that it is mandatory for an employee to pick up phone calls from their bosses, even on weekends, as this reflects someone’s hardworking characteristics.

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$!Credit: papalarisofficial TikTok

“You need to pick up the phone calls even if your boss calls you on the weekends because employers appreciates when their staff are not nit picky.

“So even if your boss calls you when you’re on leave, you need to pick up and ask how you can help them,” shared the 37-year-old businessman.

But what if one is busy and unable to answer the phone?

Aliff advises that then you should drop your employer a text message that you were occupied. “Just don’t be quiet.”

“How is your boss going to promote your or increase your salary if they don’t see your dedication?” he goes on.

According to Aliff, a good employee is someone is very responsible and is able to assist their employers at anytime they are needed.

He then ends the video by sharing this advise, “When you get someone good, you have to be a great employee. When you become a great employee, you will become a great leader.”

What do you think? Was Aliff’s advise true?