AN American content creator’s video of several Malaysians coming together to help a tin can collector has warmed hearts online.

Max Mcfarlin or known as Daily Max on YouTube shared a short clip of him stumbling across a group of Malaysians from various backgrounds helping an elderly man retrieve his tin cans that have fallen near a busy street.

Max rushed over and volunteered to help those who were picking up the tin cans for the elderly man after his bag carrying them had ripped, scattering the tin cans all over the street.

In the video, Malaysians were also seen collecting the cans and putting them in a large container as the elderly man’s bag was ripped in two places, according to Max.

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After Max parted ways with the group, he spoke about how the incident reminded him of home when his father would collect tin cans and take them to the scrapyard to sell.

“I understand what that man is doing. So seeing something like that - you (have) to help him,” he said in his video.

Netizens thanked him for his kindness and were touched at the display of unity by the Malaysians who worked together to help the elderly man in a tough situation.

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