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A man is currently at his wits’ end financially, when his future in-laws demanded a significant increase in his dowry payment following the government’s announcement involving salary hike for civil servants.

The 31-year-old relayed his concerns anonymously on a confession outlet by X user @meinmokhtar, stating that he is soon to be married to his fiancé in December.

“My future in-laws asked for RM14,000. I granted their request.

“After the Prime Minister announced the pay raise (for civil servants), they demanded to raise the dowry to RM18,000,” the government servant lamented.

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Needless to say, he expressed that he is facing a lot of stress from the unexpected demand to the point that it has been the topic of arguments with his fiancé.

“I feel like I do not know where this relationship is headed,” he said.

Netizens sympathised with the man’s plight and advised him leave his fiancé and her family, being of the opinion that they are taking advantage of the man.

Others suggested that the in-laws could have been testing the man and see if he would fulfill their request or not while some suggested to gently approach the matter to the in-laws.


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