IT is now the norm for most jobs, regardless of the career path we take, to require at least a diploma. But what happens if a master’s degree is necessary for even a security officer position?

A Sichuan college recently posted that they needed two security officers and that they had to be born in 1988 or later.

Additionally, they must also possess a Master’s degree, though those with a degree in public security or retired military officers may be exempt.

According to China Press, this post has created a lot of controversy on Chinese social media as people wonder why a Master’s degree is required for a security guard and if they can also work as teachers.

The school explained that, in light of the uproar it has caused, the position is not the same as that of a security guard.

Rather, it is an administrative position that requires the monitoring of various aspects of campus security, including household registration management, entry and exit management, fire safety management, traffic safety management, and school gate management.

On top of that, the school boasted that all other positions within the institution require a graduate degree or above, with the exception of doctors working in medical offices, who only need a bachelor’s degree.

Please share your thoughts with us regarding this vocational college’s requirement for security guards. Was this a reasonable request to make?

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