THERE is no doubt that Asian parents are tough. They undoubtedly have a distinctive approach to child-rearing. They might have arbitrary rules or exercise excessive control. But what would you do if you were in your late 30s, and your boundaries were still being crossed?

Recently, a Malaysian woman vented on social media about how her parents always follow her when she travels with her boyfriend.

The woman, 37, is dating a 40-year-old man. At this point, they have been dating for four years.

The woman expressed frustration over having to adhere to a curfew and deal with her parents, who insist on accompanying them on their trips, claiming they act as “emergency contraception.”

In her post, she also lamented the fact that she has never shared a bed with her partner, who allegedly slept with her father while she had to share a bed with her mother, who was snoring.

“He slept with my dad, while I had to share my bed with my mother. He told me that my dad was snoring,“ she said.

Netizens were quick to offer advice, with one suggesting that they could sleep together during the day, while others noted that such behavior could occur at any time and was easily resolved.

To all the couples out there, how would you establish limits to prevent overbearing parents?