With the costs of food ingredients continue to rise, restaurants owners have hiked up their prices forcing many families to cook and eat in.

Now, even vegetables are becoming costly.

Malaysian radio announcer, Mei Yan recently took to her Facebook account on May 6 to share her disbelief upon discovering the price of spring onions, which was RM9.45 per kilo.

She then posed a question to her followers.

“I don’t quite understand so I would like to ask, is this the current price for spring onions?

“Does the weather affect the harvest, hence the high price?” she queried, clearly in shock.

“We used to get free spring onions if we bought bulks of vegetables. I guess we can’t do this anymore today?” added Mei Yan.

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Along with her post, she attached a screenshot of the spring onions with the price tag below the vegetable. However, she did not disclose the location of the grocery store.

Her followers then responded in the comment section to aid her confusion.

“If this is correct, it should be Cameron Highlands green onions. Recently, the prices of Cameron Highlands vegetables have skyrocketed, with green coral lettuce doubling in price,” explained a Facebook user.

Another user shared that she purchased a kilo of spring onions for a whopping RM12.

While a few others suggested that she could plant spring onions, as it is an easy vegetable to grow and makes it very convenient to pluck when one needs to cook them.

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