Eating out in Malaysia has become a rather costly experience these days.

Understandably many of us resort to eating out as its a convenient option on hectic days.

But even mixed rice stalls seemed to have increased their prices.

A woman was recently taken aback when she shared that she paid almost RM10 for a humble meal of plain rice and fried egg.

The woman shared the receipt of her meal, which dated May 3, as reported by China Press.

According to the receipt, her take away consists of one piece of fried egg and a bowl of white rice and amounted to RM9.55.

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The restaurant had charged her RM6 for the egg and RM3 for the rice, much to her dismay.

However the woman opted not to specify the restaurant’s name or location.

Instead, she simply stated, “I can only blame myself for not asking the price when I ordered.”

What do you think? Was it justified for the restaurant to charge the woman nearly RM10 for a take away of egg and rice?

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