When travelling overseas, its important to have good manners when dealing with the locals. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples that give Malaysians a bad name.

Recently, Sou Tanaka, an employee in a restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo which serves Malaysian cuisine took to his Facebook page to express his dissatisfaction about an irresponsible Malaysian tour guide.

“The tour guide called to make a lunch reservation,” shared Sou, adding that once an agreement on the food and price with the travel agent was made, the restaurant went ahead as planned and prepared the food.

As lunch time drew near, Sou sent a message to the tour guide to confirm the time and number of guests, but alas, he received no reply.

“There was no response to the WhatsApp calls! No reply to the messages!

“To top if off, they blocked the calls!” said Sou, clearly frustrated.

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$!Credit: Sou Tanaka FB

He then said that previously, there have been last-minute cancellations but the customer would still had the decency to call beforehand and apologise.

“I’ve never encountered such a lack of responsibility in handling things before,” expressed Sou, stating that the restaurant not only suffered losses in terms of food wastage but as well as having to turn away numerous customers who wanted to dine in at the restaurant.

“It’s really heartbreaking to waste 25 servings of nasi lemak.”

At the end of his Facebook post, he name-dropped the company and name of the travel agent in hopes that other eateries won’t go through the same misfortune as the restaurant did.

The Facebook post has since gotten over 613 shares and many Malaysian Facebook users took the comment section to apologise for the irresponsible actions of their fellow countryman.

“I’m sorry for what you had to go through Tanaka san. I apologise on behalf of my countryman. There should be no excuses,” said Rajiv.

“As a Malaysian, I am very sad and ashamed of what has happened. We are sorry that you became disappointed with Malaysian tourists. There are still many Malaysians who respect and understand the laws and good culture in Japan. We hope this bad impression is not given to all Malaysian tourists,” commented Mai.

How unfortunate for that to happen to Sou! We really hope this incident does not taint the Malaysian name for him.

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