From UITM to Colombia, The tale of “Anak Penjual Burger”

A Malaysian recently showed that sometimes hard work does pay off as she went from being bullied for being the kid of a burger seller to an alumnus of an Ivy League University in New York City.

Azida Azmi (@gniwoem) had travelled from her home in Selangor to Columbia University in New York, as she shared her experience on a TikTok video.

The post wrote, from UITM to Colombia, The tale of “Anak Penjual Burger”.

“I’ve always imagined working with my mother to sell hamburgers. To get to where I am today, I had to work incredibly hard. All that effort was put forth by me, as I didn’t want any of my family members to be labelled as immigrants.

“I pursued my desire on their behalf as my parents didn’t finish high school. I wanted to cry some days but wasn’t able to do so. If I held the loneliness within, I knew it would kill my mind. I overcame every obstacle on my own and maintained a stiff upper lip.”

Azida said that her mother was an immigrant from Indonesia, which is why she mentioned in her post that she didn’t want her family to ever again become immigrants, reported the World of Buzz.

Additionally, she expressed how happy and blessed she was to have been awarded the Merit Fellowship Award, which will thankfully pay for her tuition for the Fall of 2023.

It’s never a dull moment to see someone work incredibly hard and achieve their goals, especially when they put in a lot of effort.

We wish nothing but the best for our fellow Malaysian sister and her future endeavours. How much would you sacrifice to fulfil your dreams?

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