A local runner had his faith in humanity (and technology) restored after a hilarious shoe heist.

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According to reports, the victim known as Mr. Lim, fresh from a sweaty run, left his RM600 sneakers drying outside his Tesla vehicle in Petaling Jaya.

Big mistake? Not quite!

Turns out, the Tesla’s fancy built-in cameras caught the whole thing on video.

While Mr. Lim enjoyed breakfast, a random passerby decided these blue shoes were too good to resist.

Little did he know, Tesla’s Sentry Mode was like a digital hawk, watching the passerby’s every move.

Upon his return, Mr. Lim discovered his missing footwear and, with a click, promptly reviewed the car’s footage.

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Fortunately, there, clear as day, was the culprit along with their license plate.

Armed with this evidence, Mr. Lim tracked down the culprit.

Initially, the thief played coy, feigning innocence. However, after being faced with the undeniable video proof, the act crumbled faster than a stale croissant.

Fuming, the old man flung the shoes back at Mr. Lim.

Mr. Lim, perhaps a more forgiving soul than most, simply retrieved his shoes and walked away.

On top of that, he later praised Tesla’s Sentry Mode for not only keeping his car safe but also providing a swift resolution to a potentially frustrating situation.

So, the moral of the story? Don’t mess with Tesla, and perhaps invest in a shoe rack!

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