FOLLOWING allegations of cat meat being sold in Petaling Street, UK-based cinematographer Ragib Choudhury has deleted his post insinuating such claims.

The post, uploaded on Feb 6, contained several images of the cats each in their respective cages, placed near the butcher’s stall.

“I then saw a lady dressed like a Bond villain (she looked pretty cool, to be frank) go up to the counter, and right in front of me, the lady butcher sliced up the cat flesh,” the cinematographer said.

But before completely removing his post, Ragib allegedly deleted the 430-word caption alleging the sale of cat meat and replaced it with: “KL, 22nd June 2018.”

His actions confused many, who questioned his claims, since the image was supposedly dated back six years ago.

Following the deletion of the post, netizens have bombarded his more recent Instagram posts with criticism, urging him to issue an apology to the butcher.

Besides that, Ragib’s post also irked netizens for another reason as a post on X by @samantha_cavill highlighted the conditions the cats were kept in, calling for the Department of Veterinary Services to take action against the butcher.

In regards to Ragib’s post, another netizen posted a screenshot of the owner’s relative stating that the two cats were their uncle’s pets.

Furthermore, another content creator came to the butcher’s defense with an Instagram post of the cats uploaded in 2019, stating that the surrounding neighbourhood knows that these are their pet cats.

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