LATELY, there have been many reports of people being denied entry into government facilities due to inappropriate attire, according to the staff present in the said buildings.

An older woman was barred from using the lift in a city council building due to her attire being policed by security guards in the building.

Sin Chew Daily reported 60-year-old businesswoman surnamed Chen said that the security guards in the city council building denied her from using the elevator because of her dress that was deemed ‘too short’ despite the length falling way below her knees.

Chen went to the government building to renew her business license and was told to go to the second floor to settle the renewal of her license.

As she proceeded to go to the lift, security guards blocked her path told the businesswoman that her dress length was considered too short and that the skirt length has to touch the floor to be considered appropriate attire for the building.

Perplexed, Chen went back to the same officer and told her about her situation.

“I took a few steps back for the female officer to inspect the length of my dress, whether it was actually too short however, she was just as helpless as I was in this situation,” she recalled.

Not being able to solve the issue at hand, the female officer suggested that Chen take the stairs instead however, she was inflicted with a foot injury at the time.

Despite the injury, she managed to climb up the stairs to settle the errand and then told her husband who was as baffled as she was about the dress code.

“As a businesswoman, I need to go in and out of government buildings often. I have always worn one-piece dresses that hit way below the knee.

“I have never encountered such an issue and I do not know why the standards have changed so much. I’m already 60 years old so it would be impossible for me to wear miniskirts at my age,” she jokingly added at the end.

Chen hopes that government buildings create a standardised dress code once and for all to avoid any hassle.

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