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A video circulating on social media has sparked disgust and calls for public responsibility after it captured a woman urinating in a parking lot, followed by littering.

The clip, shared on the Facebook group “新山Bukit Indah大小事” (New Mountain Bukit Indah Big and Small Matters), shows a woman in white shorts and pants approaching her car parked near a restaurant.

She then opens both the front and back doors before squatting between these doors to relieve herself.

Although it appears she may have used water and tissue for cleaning, the video shows her discarding the used tissue paper on the ground instead of disposing of it properly.

Additionally, the woman then gets back in her silver car and drives away seemingly unfazed.

Netizens reacted strongly to the video, with comments expressing disgust at the woman’s actions.

One user wrote “Getting in the car again, disgusting,“ while another shared an advice,“There should be a toilet nearby, maybe take a few more steps to the mart!”

In the end, the woman caught on camera has sparked calls for public responsibility, urging restroom use and proper waste disposal to maintain hygiene.

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