M’sian woman finds dead lizard in drink

THERE is nothing worse than finding something in one’s food or drink which clearly does not belong there.

A woman recently claimed in a TikTok video to have found a dead lizard in a drink purchased from a roadside stall in Klang.

In the video by @azie_aziz, the dead lizard was found in the yam-flavoured drink package after she had poured out its contents in a jug.

“I was craving for a yam-flavoured drink. After I was done pouring it into the jug, there was some leftover in the plastic bag so I wanted to pour all of it into a cup.

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“As I was pouring, I thought it was some grass jelly that slid into the cup - turns out it was a nearly decomposing lizard,” she captioned her video.

Netizens were disgusted by the discovery and advised Azie to confront the stall owner about the issue.

However, she refused to do so, stating that it was troublesome for her to go all the way back to the stall in Klang from Kuala Lumpur.

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