ROADBLOCKS are truly a scary experience if you haven’t renewed your license, road tax, vehicle insurance, and well, the list of wrong doings goes on and on.

If caught, you’ll probably be served with a hefty fine and a warning.

But these two women were instead made to do ‘ketuk ketampi’ or ear squats after being caught for not wearing helmets.

In the 15-second video posted on TikTok by @akmalim7an, the two women were stopped at a roadblock near Pantai Sri Tujuh in Tumpat, Kelantan for riding their motorbike without helmets.

The two women and their motorcycle can be seen parked at the side of the road behind a police barrier.

One woman, dressed in purple, can be seen doing squats with her hands to her ears.

The TikTok video which has accumulated 964K views so far has garnered hundreds of comments from amused TikTok users who shared their own funny ‘punishment’ experiences.

“I once got caught by a Road Transport Department officer. He fined me and made me recite the prayer for boarding a vehicle,“ shared a user.

“I once rode a motorcycle with two friends, testing my uncle’s new bike. None of us had a license or wore helmets, and we passed right in front of a police station. We thought we were safe, but then a police stopped us. We got fined by having to sing the national anthem by the side of the road, haha!” commented another.

Some also commented that the two women were rather fortunate to get away with the punishment instead of having to pay a fine.

“Luckily, only got fined, not a ticket. It’s a lesson learned. If they got a ticket, that would have cost them money.”

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