A frustrated employer, NA Dyla recently took to her Facebook page to share a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her and a newly hired employee.

In the Whatsapp exchange, Dyla initially could be seen informing the newly hired employee the location of the work.

In response, the employee however replies that he does not possess a mode of transportation to go to the location as his father had departed to work.

Dyla then attempted to solve the issue by suggesting him to use a ride-hailing service, which would cost a few ringgit.

But, the employee responded that his mother does not allow him to use public transport.

He also added that since he could not guarantee that his father could send him to work everyday, he will have to resign.

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Peeved, Dyla shares in her post that the problem of finding committed staff is not new and that many business owners may be experiencing the same issue.

“I don’t understand the younger generation nowadays in 2024. They come to an interview, get the job, then feel like they can’t commit and resign before even starting.

“They come up with all sorts of excuses. This is just one example,” she said.

She then explains that the older generation were different as they were anxious about looking for jobs and when they succeeded in getting one, they were very grateful.

“Not to mention enduring scolding, bullying, carrying boxes, posting items alone, and working late nights.

“All of that was considered experience before getting a better offer,” she shared.

She then ended her post with the advise to the younger generation that nothing comes easy in life and to be independent so that one doesn’t need to rely on anyone.

Nyla has also given another update that during the interview, the candidate had initially committed to going to the designated booth location by relying on his dad for transport.

“Suddenly, last minute, he requested a different location, even though there was already an assigned employee there. I had to rearrange everything last minute to accommodate this kid’s request. Then, when they got the location he wanted, he gave excuses like that.”

Dyla’s post sparked a significant response online, with many netizens sharing their own encounters of the younger generation with flaky tendencies.

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