AMERICAN rapper and singer Jack Harlow has finally unveiled his own New Balance sneaker, marking a significant moment for the Kentucky artiste who has been a New Balance ambassador for several years.

The 26-year-old musician, known for his eclectic style, teased his debut New Balance 1906R sneaker on Instagram on May 5, giving fans a first look at his unique take on the classic model.

Featuring vibrant shades of pink and red on the upper facade, paired with a lush green midsole, the shoe exudes Harlow’s bold and audacious aesthetic, synonymous with his musical output.

Notably, the watercolour paintings on the insole hint at a deeper narrative, possibly reflecting themes of Southern hospitality and charm, adding a layer of depth to the design.

Harlow’s partnership with New Balance dates back to February 2022 when he joined the brand as one of its key entertainers. Since then, fans have eagerly anticipated his inaugural sneaker design, which is slated for release later this year.

The First Class singer’s collaboration with New Balance extends beyond footwear, as he previously starred in the brand’s “We Got Now” campaign and was featured in a commercial alongside NBA star Kawhi Leonard. This long standing partnership underscores Harlow’s connection to the brand and his influence in the world of fashion and culture.

In addition to his sneaker collaboration, Harlow is set to launch the inaugural Gazebo Festival on May 25–26.

The music festival has a lineup of top-tier acts, including SZA, PinkPantheress, Vince Staples, Rich Homie Quan and more. With surprise shoe drops often coinciding with cultural events, there was speculation that a release would coincide with the festival weekend, adding to the excitement surrounding Harlow’s debut sneaker design.