SOUTH Korean artist G-Dragon has established a foundation aimed at combating drug abuse and addiction.

The 35-year-old artist, whose real name is Kwon Ji-Yong and a member of Big Bang, officially announced the newly established anti-drug organisation, the Juspeace Foundation, through his agency, Galaxy Corporation.

The disclosure by the Juspeace Foundation comes in the aftermath of the singer’s initial suspicion of illegal drug use in October of the same year.

Subsequently, he was cleared of the charges, as the Incheon Nonhyun Police Precinct officially closed the case on Dec 13 and opted not to forward it to prosecutors.

Galaxy Corporation convened a press conference shortly after the closure of the case, during which G-Dragon, through a letter read aloud by the agency’s Chief ESG Officer, announced his commitment to establishing a foundation dedicated to combating drug addiction.

In a notable gesture, the artist made an inaugural donation of 300 million won (RM1 million) to the foundation.

This contribution was made in the name of VIP, Big Bang’s fan club and featured its catchphrase, “Guardians of Daisy”, which fans had employed to express support during the drug investigation.

In a handwritten letter, G-Dragon emphasised the urgency of addressing the issue of drug addiction in Korea, stating, “There are over 20,000 drug users in Korea and fewer than 500 of them get proper rehabilitative treatment. Proper action must be taken, especially for young people exposed to dangers and people who do not realise the dangers.”

During the conference, Galaxy Corporation also officially declared that the artist had signed an exclusive contract with the company. The announcement outlined that the musician is set to “make a comeback in 2024,“ as reported by XportNews.