Franchises whet appetites with menu updates

HALFWAY into the year and like the changing of seasons, restaurants in Malaysia are making changes to their standard offerings. These are some of the limited menu introductions that will whet a variety of appetites.

The Chicken Rice Shop

As part of its 24 year celebration, The Chicken Rice Shop has introduced Chicken Chup! to its menu. The innovative creation offers a distinctive flavour experience with tender poultry pieces coated in a rich, peppery sauce with a refreshing hint of lime.

To cater to different group sizes, Chicken Chup! Comes in three sets: Set Chup Satu, Chup Dua and Chup Empat. Additionally, to quench your thirst, the limited-time drink Chup and Chill is a fizzy and refreshing complement to the new dish.

The new menu items are available in stores until Aug 11, 2024.

$!Domino’s latest item caters to meat and cheese lovers.

Domino’s Pizza

Those looking for more choices, more variety and more toppings on their pizza, look no further than the two new indulgent creations from Domino’s.

The Pepperoni-roni is a mouthwatering masterpiece available in beef and chicken pepperoni and it contains 150% more pepperoni slices for pepperoni lovers. The Pepperoni-roni also features a Mozzarella Twisty Crust to add a flavourful and textural twist that complements the rich layers of crust perfectly.

Alongside the Pepperoni-roni, Domino’s has introduced the Cheese Bowl-Cano. This unique dish is served in a bowl made entirely from fresh dough and filled to the brim with indulgent melted cheese.

$!DubuYo offers authentic and halal South Korean cuisine.


Malaysians have long been captivated by Korean culture, particularly its cuisine. In response to this growing demand, DubuYo has crafted a seasonal menu that captures the essence of Korean cuisine.

Seoul Hot Ramyeon is a bowl of perfectly cooked ramyeon immersed in a creamy, spicy broth topped with a savoury braised chicken roll and braised egg. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavours, complemented by the hint of seaweed, sweet corn and tofu.

Pairing the ramyeon is the refreshing Seoul Yam Uyu, a delightful drink that blends sweet goguma (sweet potato) and creamy milk with passion fruit boba pearls.

DubuYo’s latest addition will be available until Sept 22, 2024.

$!The Manhattan Fish Market’s Flamin’ Fish ‘N Chips ups the heat to tantalise spicy food fans

The Manhattan Fish Market

The bar is being raised once again by The Manhattan Fish Market with its new Feel Da’ Flame campaign that presents a new take on the classic fish & chips with its Flamin’ Fish N Chips.

The Feel Da’ Flame menu offers three different choices with dory, cherry snapper and Alaskan pollock fillets that are served alongside seasoned waffle chips.

Aside from Flamin’ Fish ‘N Chips Dory, diners will enjoy sharing the popular Small Flames platter featuring grilled dory with garlic herb sauce, The Manhattan Flaming Prawns, hot veggies, fries and garlic herb rice.

The combo also includes the Spicy Shrimp Olio and Black Pepper Crispy Chicken. All this comes with four servings of mushroom soup and a choice of four beverages, Coke or iced peach tea.

This new fiery limited menu is available until July 31, 2024.

$!Sepiring’s Hokkien Prawn Mee and menu staples are said to be equivalent to authentic kopitiam offerings.


Those craving for Penang prawn mee but cannot make the trip to Penang should divert to Sepiring, a beloved homegrown and halal-certified restaurant known for its uniquely Malaysian culinary offerings, as its latest menu additions will surely hit the spot.

Sepiring’s new Hokkien Prawn Mee and Rosy Nyor Float joins its other local favourites such as Pasembur, Penang rojak, Penang assam laksa and sago cendol.

The menu items of Sepiring’s Uniquely Rasa Penang are available until Sept 15, 2024.

$!KFC’s Durian Pie is made with premium fruit filling.


On the sweet and savoury side, KFC has slightly expanded its dessert menu with the limited time introduction of its D24 Durian Pie. A homage to the king of fruits, the pie is a balance of texture and flavours formulated with high quality durians.

Customers can enjoy this delightful treat through various convenient options including dine-in, self-collect and delivery services.