By Bridget Menezes

AS 2020, considered to be the most traumatic year in the recent history of mankind, comes to a close, so too would this column of mine. In fact, this weekly reflection would be the very last contribution in the ‘Be Light’ column.

Regularly, it ran ever so faithfully for the past 10 years, with simple advice and practical tips on how to face many a problem in today’s society, and manage it with much positive energy. How fast a decade has flown by and how many people have been guided not to act impulsively but with silent optimism instead.

To the many editors and reporters who tirelessly worked to add more impact and definition to the words and sentences, I am ever so grateful for all your contributions.

As a famous person once said: “To be constant, there must be change”, which personifies every person’s life. One has to adapt and bend with the situation of the day so as to survive and live in harmony. But without compromising on one’s principles!

Even more changes are expected to come in this New Norm, which began with the global pandemic.

My advice to all my dear readers is to adapt easily and not to be afraid of such disruptions in your life. Accept them with a strong, open mind with equally positive energy. Be strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as a healthy mind and body can overcome many stressful hurdles, some small and many huge!

Finding some quiet time and being in silence helps to slow down and erase all those unnecessary, troubled thoughts. Learn to grow and encourage positive thoughts and allow them to materialise instead. These will definitely make you a happy person, inwards and outside, too.

Humbly, I take my leave, knowing that my weekly advice has helped many a reader to soldier on with even more determination and resilience. Have trust in your own inner self, that will surely show you an alternative way to better choices and a happier journey. Be strong and stay healthy.