UTAR scholarships assure access to quality education

WHETHER it is internally from UTAR Education Foundation Fund, or externally through collaboration with various institutions, UTAR’s scholarships and financial aid have benefitted many students over the years.

Recently, 44 UTAR students from the January 2021 trimester intake were awarded the UTAR Scholarship for Top Achievers from UTAR. Each selected recipient received the scholarship for full foundation/undergraduate programmes of study at UTAR.

The scholarship will be distributed over a period of three or four years of the recipient’s undergraduate studies at UTAR. As for Foundation programmes, the eligible students will each receive the scholarship over a period of one year.

$!Hon Bao Xuan.

Year One Foundation student Hon Bao Xuan said: “This full scholarship is indeed very helpful for me, especially for my studies. I no longer need to worry about my tuition fees. Also, I don’t have to do a part-time job to cover my tuition fees. So, thank you UTAR for providing me with an affordable yet quality education, environment as well as qualified lecturers.”

$!Nisha Vickneswaran.

Fellow Foundation student Nisha Vickneswaran said: “My father is a Quality Manager and my mother is a housewife. I have a sister who is 17. Since my father is the only one working and providing for my whole family, the scholarship was very helpful as it lessened my father’s burden. I can study peacefully knowing that my father isn’t too burdened.”

$!Chong Boon Hong.

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science Chemical Engineering student Chong Boon Hong said: “I was awarded full scholarship. With this financial assistance, my financial burden has definitely reduced tremendously. This allows me to focus more on my learning. I am looking forward to starting my learning journey at UTAR. Thank you UTAR.”

$!Albert Pan Kit Kee.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science Journalism student Albert Pan Kit Kee shared: “I am not from a very well-to-do family and I am not financially stable as my parents work as hawkers. It has always been my desire to be a successful professional because I have seen how hard my parents work and I want to give them a better life that they deserve. Thank you UTAR, I am literally grateful for everything that UTAR has done for me.”

For more information on the courses and programmes available at UTAR, visit www.utar.edu.my or call 05-468 8888 (Kampar Campus), 03- 9086 0288 (Sungai Long Campus). To find out more about available internal and external financial aids, visit https://deas.utar.edu.my/.

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