Teh Wen Jie is adapting well to full online learning at TAR UC

THE whole world has been forced to adapt to the unforeseen circumstances brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The turmoil has changed the landscape of many sectors that include manufacturing as well as service industries like education.

While many people strive to find their feet, some have taken this situation as an opportunity to solidify their foundations.

Their foresight will help them to prepare for challenges that will come from adapting to the new normal.

Take the example of Teh Wen Jie, who joined Tunku Abdul Rahman University College’s (TAR UC) Foundation in Accounting programme last year and is currently a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) student.

The comprehensive lessons she picked up from her Foundation days prepared her to take on the new challenges today and turn them into opportunities to excel.

“When the pandemic hit, I clearly remembered one piece of advice I was given by one of my lecturers: ‘Challenges can be opportunities, it all depends on how you view them’.

“Thanks to my Foundation studies, I had already adapted to online learning, so the transition to full online learning was seamless,” she said. “I was also taught to be independent and prepared myself for lecture sessions so that I’d never miss out any important lessons during online classes.”

“This saved me from hours of ineffective studies, which I can channel towards other meaningful activities like revision sessions or even exercise to keep myself active and alert,” said Teh.

The 19-year-old also credited TAR UC’s comprehensive student lifestyle for helping her to improve her social skills via club activities.

“I learned the importance of social skills, such as team planning, negotiation, and communication,‘’ explained the member of the university’s Economics Society.

“The experiences also spurred me to volunteer for the TEDxTARUC 2019 event as a committee member, which taught me lessons that can’t be replicated in class,” she explained.

It was also her passion for accounting that led Teh to TAR UC.

“I’ve always been fascinated with numbers,” she revealed.

“When I heard how strong TAR UC’s Foundation programme was and about its history of producing successful graduates annually, I figured this would be the place that could help me develop my passion into a career.’’

TAR UC has turned out the right choice for her, she added.

Currently, TAR UC offers six Foundation programmes, namely in Arts, Science, Engineering, Accounting, Business and Computing.

These are curated to prepare students to effectively transition to their respective Bachelor’s Degree programmes and any challenges that may come on their career paths after graduation.

To find out more about TAR UC’s Foundation programmes or their September 2021 intake, contact the Centre for Pre-University Studies at 011-1075 8537 or email cpus@tarc.edu.my. Alternatively, visit www.tarc.edu.my/cpus.

TAR UC’s Virtual Open Day will be happening from Sept 20 – 24, 2021, 10am – 5pm daily. Visitors can register at http://virtualopenday.tarc.edu.my.

Their September 2021 intake is currently in progress and prospective students are encouraged to apply at www.tarc.edu.my.

Attractive scholarships are also available at TAR UC on the basis of academic merit and sibling discounts for qualified students.

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