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NEW DELHI: The Indian government has told its citizens not to travel to Israel and Iran amid heightened fears of a potential Iranian retaliation against Israeli targets.

“In view of the prevailing situation in the region, all Indians are advised not to travel to Iran or Israel until further notice. All those who are currently residing in Iran or Israel are requested to get in touch with Indian embassies there and register themselves,“ India’s Ministry of External Affairs said on Friday.

A number of countries, including Britain, Russia and the United States, have issued advisories regarding travel to Israel and the region due to likely Iranian military response to the recent brazen Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

The Middle East remains tense as Israel has defied the recent UN Security Council resolution to halt its genocidal campaign in Gaza, with a huge number of Gaza’s 2.3 million people on the brink of starvation.

Russia on Thursday told its citizens to refrain from travelling to the region, especially to Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, except in cases of extreme necessity.-Bernama