MELBOURNE: Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kicked off his official visit to Australia on Monday by sharing his views on the importance of knowledge, wisdom, good values and ethical conduct in effecting positive change with students of co-educational Islamic school Al-Taqwa College here.

He underscored the importance of starting with oneself, adhering to Islamic teachings that advocate for personal development, and moral strength as among the steps towards broader societal transformation.

“Give credit to your idealism against oppression, corruption, and abuse. You want greater justice and compassion and to stop inequality,” he said in his speech when launching the Al-Taqwa College’s sports complex in Melbourne’s suburb of Truganina.

Anwar, known for his thoughtful leadership style, pointed out the need for Muslim leaders to demonstrate justice, tolerance, and respect while steadfastly representing their identity.

Anwar also advised the young generation to embark on a journey of self-improvement and acquiring knowledge as the bedrock of effective leadership.

He stressed the significance of maintaining good character and the right values, which are crucial in combating corruption and abuse of power.

Anwar also touched on international issues including the conflicts in Palestine, condemning the hypocrisy in global responses to these crises.

He also reaffirmed Malaysia’s stance on advocating for peace and justice universally.

Through his address, he inspired the students of Al-Taqwa College to pursue knowledge, maintain discipline, and embody the principles of peace, security, and justice. - Bernama

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