PETALING JAYA: An 11-year-old student who suffered a heatstroke after being forced to stand in the sun for nearly three hours has since been diagnosed with a nerve condition and is now considered a person with disabilities (PwD).

According to New Straits Times, the Standard Five student’s nerve condition is a result of the heatstroke he suffered.

The student’s mother stated that Ampang Hospital in Selangor has provided the family with a reference letter to be assessed as a PwD due to the health issues with which he has been diagnosed with .

She explained that her son used to often play with his siblings but now, he hides a lot and talks to himself.

“The hospital informed me that I can’t send my son to a regular school anymore because of his health issues.

“They say I have to send him to a school for special needs children now,“ she was quoted as saying.

Their lawyer Dinesh Muthal said that he would be filing a civil suit on the family’s behalf against all those involved in the case.

He explained that the incident has caused a lot of stress to the parents, especially to the mother who is three months’ pregnant.

“They now have to come to terms with the fact that their son will never lead a normal life.

“Apart from a civil suit, we want the teacher involved to be charged in court and be given an appropriate sentence (if found guilty),“ he reportedly said.

Ampang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohd Azam Ismail had previously said that investigations revealed that the suspect, a local male teacher, 37, had punished the victim along with three other friends to allegedly 10 minutes of the punishment.

“A medical officer’s check revealed that the victim suffered heat exhaustion. The investigation is complete and has been referred to the Selangor public prosecutor’s office for further action,” he said.