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KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation (MPOGCF) is sponsoring RM1.1 million to upgrade the Bornean Orang Utan Showcase at Zoo Negara in a move to promote national orang utan conservation initiatives.

MPOGCF general manager Zamakhshari Muhamad said the sponsorship was a part of the foundation’s ongoing efforts to advocate for harmonious coexistence between humans and orang utans, especially in promoting its concept of ‘Living Together in Harmony’.

It was introduced at the beginning of August this year, by putting fourth the idea that endangered and protected wildlife species make part of the nation’s inhabitants, such as the Bornean orang utans, through its “The Other Malaysians” campaign.

“MPOGCF’s sponsorship of the Bornean Orang Utan Showcase will allow Zoo Negara to make significant improvements to their open-concept enclosure, which would include restoration and conservation work, in ensuring that the Bornean orang utans currently housed at the Ape Centre would continue to live well under the Zoo’s care and supervision,“ he said at the handing over of the cheque here today.

Also present were Zoo Negara president Datuk Sr Zaharin Md Arif, Zoo Negara deputy president Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lana and MPOGCF Board of Trustees member Hairulazim Mahmud.