PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has identified Salmonella bacteria taken from stool samples following a food poisoning incident in Gombak that led to two fatalities last Saturday.

According to New Straits Times, citing the Selangor Health Department, additional test results from samples sent to the National Public Health laboratory in Sungai Buloh are still pending.

“Results are still pending for other samples such as food from the incident, swabs from related surface areas and equipment where food was prepared, as well as clinical samples from the food handlers,“ the department stated.

The number of hospitalised individuals due to the food poisoning incident has increased to 11, bringing the total number of affected victims to 93, up from 82 reported the previous day.

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“Five have been admitted to the ward, while the remaining three are still awaiting to be reviewed at the Emergency Department as of 10am today.”

The department also noted that the food handlers involved had been vaccinated for typhoid and no obvious contamination practices were observed.

“In making the fried eggs, the food handler will crack it open into a bowl before putting it into a frying pan to be fried. All eggs were washed before being used.

“The food preparation involved frying of the eggs and packing of the cooked vermicelli, and all these processes were done simultaneously by the same food handler,” the department stated.

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The department also reported that the eggs and vermicelli used in the meals were purchased on June 7, one day before the food poisoning incident occurred.

“The eggs used in this incident consist of free-range chicken eggs. In addition to fried eggs (’telur mata kerbau’), the eggs were also mixed into the fried vermicelli.”

The exact cause of the food poisoning incident is still under investigation.

Earlier reports indicated that two individuals died while 82 others suffered from food poisoning after consuming breakfast prepared for a school programme.

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