PUTRAJAYA: All media practitioners need to consult with the Foreign Ministry for advice and guidelines before participating in humanitarian missions organised by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), especially in turbulent countries, said Minister of Communications Fahmi Fadzil.

He said this would ensure the safety of media personnel during coverage and to prevent any untoward incidents.

“We (media practitioners) need to refer to Wisma Putra because there are usually guidelines provided. The Ministry of Communications wants journalists and media people who want to participate in such programmes to prioritise safety and their right to report.

“We want to ensure that they do not face any problems in carrying out their duties. Safety and the freedom to report from the field are our priorities,“ he said after attending the ministry’s 2023 Excellent Service Award (APC) ceremony for Peninsular Zone here today.

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Fahmi was asked about a video shared by the Instagram account 'capricedaddycap' yesterday, regarding a group of health workers from an NGO reported to be stranded in Rafah, Gaza.

In the caption of the video, which lasted over a minute, the influencer had asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Fahmi, and Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan to help the seven health workers to leave Rafah as the situation there is getting really dangerous.

“I have not received detailed information from Wisma Putra yet. God willing, we will first refer to them to determine the status and what actions can be taken. However, it is noted that the safety of Malaysian citizens in such situations is indeed a concern for Wisma Putra,“ Fahmi said.

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