PRO-NET Honoured with “Best Oversea Pioneer Partner” Award by Smart Automobile

PRO-NET has been awarded the prestigious “Best Oversea Pioneer Partner” by smart Automobile, a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely Holding, during the recent smart Global Forum held in Beijing. This accolade highlights PRO-NET’s remarkable performance and leadership in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Selected from a pool of companies across 22 countries, PRO-NET emerged as one of the top three candidates for this award. The recognition from smart Global is attributed to PRO-NET’s outstanding network construction quality, significant EV market share, and innovative marketing efforts, all of which have greatly advanced sustainable mobility solutions.

PRO-NET’s dedication to a superior ownership experience is evident in its strategic expansion across its nationwide dealer and charging network. With 13 dealerships providing exceptional service, PRO-NET ensures comprehensive support for both current smart #1 owners and future customers of the upcoming smart #3.

These dealerships, grounded in a strong premium market background, maintain high service standards, showcasing PRO-NET’s commitment to excellence in the EV sector. Additionally, PRO-NET’s expanding charging network, which includes 36 Charging Bays across 9 states in Malaysia, enhances customer convenience and reliability. This robust infrastructure within smart dealerships solidifies PRO-NET’s leadership position, offering top-tier support and after-sales service to all EV owners.

smart Automobile acknowledged PRO-NET’s innovative use of technology to redefine the customer experience and promote sustainable mobility. A standout achievement was the introduction of the Hello smart App, revolutionizing user interaction with smart vehicles. This digital platform integrates advanced technology into users’ daily lives, enhancing convenience and overall ownership experience. The app’s integrated charging map covers 75% of nationwide charging points, enabling users to plan journeys confidently.

Additionally, a vibrant community page within the app allows smart enthusiasts to connect, share product tips, experiences, and insights, fostering a sense of community.

PRO-NET has led innovative marketing strategies, spearheading initiatives that drive the transition to EVs. The “Go Green, Go smart” campaign, for instance, incentivizes internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owners to switch to EVs, aligning with global sustainability efforts. This initiative not only promotes EV adoption but also educates consumers on the benefits of sustainable transportation.

Moreover, smart Malaysia is committed to nurturing talent and innovation in electric mobility. PRO-NET has created a platform to educate sales specialists on EV technology, offering rewards and career pathways to cultivate ambassadors of EV technology and advocates for sustainable transportation.

Engaging with university students, PRO-NET provides opportunities to showcase creativity through video presentations on electric mobility, fostering innovation and nurturing the next generation to reimagine future mobility.

In Malaysia, smart has quickly become one of the top three preferred premium SUV EVs, despite having introduced only a single model. As of April, smart ranks as the fourth top premium EV brand overall, reflecting the strong confidence and trust customers have in the brand and its comprehensive ecosystem, including the Hello smart App.

As PRO-NET continues to lead the EV sector, it remains committed to excellence, collaboration, and environmental responsibility, dedicated to providing superior products and services and driving towards a sustainable future for urban mobility.