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THE curtains have closed on the inaugural REXFEST, leaving behind an air of resounding success that echoed through the vibrant streets of downtown Kuala Lumpur. Marking the fifth anniversary of REXKL, the former Rex Cinema turned cultural haven, REXFEST unfolded from Nov 24 to Nov 26, in collaboration with Connor’s Stout Porter.

This three-day extravaganza not only celebrated the rich history of the city but also brought together a diverse blend of arts, music, and communal spirit.

Lim Kok Kean, serving as the festival director, conveyed the collaborative essence of the festival by highlighting the partnership between Connor’s Stout Porter and REXKL as a celebration of creativity in its diverse manifestations.

The festival acts as a catalyst for unity among artists, fostering dynamic collaborations and cultivating new connections. In doing so,the festival harmoniously blends the realms of art, culture and innovation, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries and cultivates a sense of shared celebration.

The festivities commenced with the groundbreaking event, Afterlife x Goen: Divergence, a fully immersive experience challenging conventional notions of freedom.

Renowned DJs such as Suhsi, Hazel, Raven and WCKD set the stage on fire, accompanied by a digital showcase from the talented Azarikh.

The exclusive ticketed lineup continued with “Kuantum: Forgotten Facades”, a mesmerising fusion of electronic music and visual arts curated by the Kuantum collective.

The festival’s crown jewel, Rexperience, offered an unforgettable journey through time and artistic expression. The showcase, featuring Vuevossa, Zhonkvision and Shared Mind Visuals, seamlessly blended futuristic electronic music with reimagined architectural designs inspired by REXKL, creating a sensory spectacle.

Soundscape Records x Filamen: Odyssey, curated by Soundscape Records and Filamen, added another layer of uniqueness to REXFEST. Notable artists such as The Times, Kyoto Protocol, Shelhiel, Dirgahayu and The Filters took the stage, accompanied by visually stunning displays from Grasshopper, Futuresigner, Jiajia, and Vasflow.

Attendees also enjoyed free access to a variety of events, including the Homeground showcase, Fono KL’s jazz night, and Hush & Snap: Off the Books, which redefined poetry and spoken word.

The festival’s diverse offerings were not limited to the auditory senses, as Connor’s Stout Porter played a key role in elevating the overall experience. Connor’s Mixologist Masterclass, the Connor’s Shake Corner and the Connor’s Bar provided festival-goers with a taste of the brand’s cool and crafty world.

A unique and exclusive culinary menu, featuring collaborations with REXKL food vendors, added a delightful dimension to the event. From Street Art Sesh with Nestwo and KOS to the Biang-Biang 911 Challenge and the Old Trades of Petaling Street Walk, REXFEST engaged attendees in diverse activities.

Workshops, live demonstrations, and markets, such as Mr. Long Thien Shih’s watercolour workshop and the Friends Club Mini Flea Market, added a touch of creativity and commerce.

The festival, in its entirety, stands as a testament to the success of REXKL’s five-year journey, bringing together a tapestry of creativity, community, and celebration that will resonate in the hearts of attendees for years to come.