Fusion of luxury and entertainment

RENOWNED Italian brand iXoost has entered the Malaysian market, unveiling a distinctive selection of audio systems that represent the pinnacle of automotive audio craftsmanship.

The launch of the audio system brands in Malaysia promises to deliver an exclusive fusion of Italian artisanship and motorsport’s storied legacy.

Based in Modena, Italy’s Motor Valley, the brand has solidified its position as a front-runner in the realm of luxury audio, crafting goods that go beyond simply being speakers to being representations of a profound automotive legacy.

$!(From left) Mr Giovanni Panini, Founder of iXOOST and Mr Soong Jan Hsung, CEO of VSTECS Astar Sdn Bhd.

Founder of iXoost, Giovanni Panini, expressed, “We are truly proud to introduce iXoost to Malaysia, a vibrant market in the heart of Southeast Asia. This is a significant step for us in sharing the rich tapestry of Italian craftsmanship and our racing heritage on a global stage.”

Panini went on to emphasise that, “Malaysia’s dynamic market and its appreciation for luxury and innovation make it an ideal destination for iXoost. Here, we are not just offering audio systems.

“We are bringing a slice of Modena’s motoring history and, with it, a piece of our soul. We hope to connect with enthusiasts here who can share in this deep passion as well.”

The brand’s product designs, infused with a storied past deeply intertwined with the world of high-end supercars, clearly display this history by incorporating genuine components from renowned automobiles.

In a dual celebration and formal introduction of its presence, iXoost is unveiling a portfolio consisting of seven motorsports-themed audio systems, each boasting captivating and distinctive designs.

Essentially, every speaker system is meticulously crafted around a brand specialising in racing. Notable examples include the Esavox Automobili Lamborghini, featuring a carbon monocoque chassis and the Avalan, both inspired by the iconic Italian hypercar manufacturer Lamborghini.

$!ESAVOX Lamborghini 10-inch high-sensitivity subwoofer. Its three Bluetooth 5.0-integrated 400 Watt amplifiers.

Among the offerings is the AMG Performance audio system, paying homage to the AMD GT Black Series. This opulent audio system showcases Mercedes’ distinctive aluminium grilles, incorporates the GT exhaust design and includes an abundance of woofers, tweeters and bass reflexes.

Subsequently, the iXoost brand’s product line will be offered for sale via its local distributor in Malaysia, Vstecs Astar, which functions as a central hub for ICT product distribution.

Vstecs Astar chief executive officer Soong Jan Hsung said, “As a leading distribution hub for ICT products in Malaysia, we are thrilled to be the sole distributor of iXoost here, offering Malaysians innovative and opulent audio systems that will redefine their auditory experience.”

“This partnership is more than just a distribution. It’s a venture into a special market where luxury, technology and automotive passion converge. iXoost represents a unique opportunity for us to cater to a discerning clientele and we are confident that they will not only enrich the local audio market but also resonate deeply with enthusiasts who seek unparalleled quality and distinctive design,” Soong added.

The complete lineup of iXOOST products is available for configure-to-order, providing a personalised and bespoke experience for each customer.

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