Qiddies Dino Chums Balloon Fest brings Jurassic era to life this school holiday

STEP into Quill City Mall KL and you will see a vibrant landscape of balloon sculptures of giant dinosaurs with the loud and chilling roars of Tyrannasaurus Rex (T-Rex) in the background.

Beyond imagination

Behold an outstanding dinosaur habitat, re-created with different types of fearsome reptiles like Pteranodon flying above, lush unique-shaped plants that appear like giant Venus flytraps on the ground and a fiery volcano just waiting to erupt.

There is a story hidden in these stunning sculpture decorations. A few cavemen carrying stone hammers seem to run away after stealing the T-Rex eggs, and the angry raptor is on the chase.

The entire “land” is made with over 20,000 pieces of colourful balloons in different sizes, and if you look closely, one of the dinosaurs closes its eyes while another reptile literally flies around a tree.

This unforgettable experience is part of Quill City Mall KL’s Qiddies Dino Chums Balloon Fest, located at the mall’s main court.

$!Captivating colourful balloons.

Dino Chums experience

Early this week, Quill City Mall KL launched the Dino-Mania display, featuring a volcano erupting with smoke and shining red light to resemble the red hot lava – signifying the opening of the event.

“It is a celebration of imagination, creativity, curiousity and joy of learning, an opportunity for families and friends to create cherishable moments. This event is not just a showcase of balloons. We want to take the opportunity to inspire the young children to explore and learn more,” said Quill Group of Companies chief operating officer of retail and wellness Karen Teo.

$!Excited child taking a closer look at the dinosaur egg-hatching.

The Qiddies Dino Chums Balloon Fest draws inspiration from the wonders of the prehistoric world and transforms the mall into a vibrant landscape with awe-inspiring balloon sculptures.

Crafted by 27 artists, including internationally acclaimed balloon sculptors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong over four days, the creations breathe life into the Jurassic era, from the mighty T-Rex to the gentle Brachiosaurus.

Made entirely from 100% biodegradable materials, these sculptures not only capture the imagination but also promote sustainability.

The Dino Chums experience was created in partnership with Proton Digital Xperience (Proton DX). With Proton DX’s motion sensing technology, visitors will embark on an immersive adventure that combines innovation with entertainment.

The mall invites families to enjoy and engage in a series of activities during the school holiday now until June 2.

$!Media members participating in the Dino Dash and Slide game.

Fest highlights

Try Dino Escape to experience the thrill of surviving the primeval jungle using advanced motion sensing technology. Dodge the colossal apex predators, or outmanoeuvre agile hunters in an adrenaline-pumping experience that transports you back to the Jurassic era.

For hands-on experience, the Train Your Qiddies Raptor contest offers an interactive opportunity to engage with life-like raptor robots. Guide your raptor through various challenges and discover its lifelike movements and responsive behaviours in a fun-filled competition.

Enjoy the Dino Dash and Slide game, a prehistoric twist on the classic Snakes and Ladders with slippery slides and unexpected obstacles, or learn to become a balloon artist in the Jurassic Balloon Sculpting Adventure.

$!Children are also loving the flying dinosaurs.

Visitors can create their own balloon masterpieces and learn from expert instructors in free, sustainability-focused workshops.

The Dino Bite Sandwich Creation workshop allows participants to craft delicious sandwiches inspired by the prehistoric era, guided by skilled instructors. Join the Great Dino Trail where you can “hunt for fun, hunt for dinosaurs”. Race against the clock to uncover the secrets of the Dino Chums and dive into a world of excitement and mystery with amazing prizes waiting for those who dare to embark on the epic quest.

The Charming Meet and Greet session provides an opportunity for visitors to interact up close with the lovable Qiddies Dinosaurs creatures.

$!(From left) Aco Tech Sdn Bhd head of digital experience centre Irene Ho, Liew and Teo at the event.

Creating memories

Qiddies Dino Chums Balloon Fest is build upon the success of the previous year’s Space Explorer Balloon Fest.

“We connect with kids last year, and they learned about the future (space) explorer. This year we go back to history, starting with the dinosaur era. Kids love this concept, that’s why we came up with it,” Quill Retail Malls Sdn Bhd senior vice president Justin Liew told theSun.

Meanwhile, Teo added that the dinosaur theme is not just a favourite for children but for adults as well.

“This would bring back the inner child among the adults. The display is an attraction, but we want the children to engage in activities and really appreciate dinosaurs, the balloon workshop, snake and ladder games, and learn more about dinosaurs. Children are curious,” Teo told theSun.