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Rames Harikrishnasamy loves to incorporate images from Hindu mythology in his artworks

SELF-TAUGHTphotoshop artist Rames Harikrishnasamy wants to be remembered as someone who loves spreading positivity via his artworks.

One of the best compliments the 41-year-old artist has received about his work came from a married couple who wanted to start a family.

“They had actualy given up after sometime,” said the artist, who was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

But after looking at some of his pictures, especially those dealing with children and motherhood, the couple were once again inspired to try for a child.

Rames said he is extremely glad that his pictures brought some positivity to the couple.

But some people believe it is becoming more difficult to remain positive with the Covid-19 pandemic and the hardship it has caused to many people.

$!A devotee of Lord Hanuman giving Him a gift of a statue of Lord Rama carved from wood. – PICTURE COURTESY OF RAMES HARIKRISHNASAMY

“Some have complained that they are trapped between the four walls of their homes because of the movement control order (MCO),” he said.

“They forget to be grateful that they are still alive and well, while others are struggling to survive in the hospital.”

He believes gratefulness is the greatest key to happiness.

“People are so wrapped up about what will happen tomorrow that they forget to enjoy what is happening today.”

Coming back to his craft, he began dabbling with photoshop editing tools when he was in college, trying to get his degree in business computing.

“I was getting good grades in my studies, but there was no inner happiness.”

He needed an avenue to express his creativity and photo editing tools came to his rescue. He was a big fan of superhero movies and would use photoshop editing tools to transform himself into superheros, from Iron Man to Spider Man.

He does not deny that there are those who do not understand the real job of a photoshop artist.

“Sometimes, I will have the albums in my handphones. I will show them the pictures before I work on them and after I have worked on them and they will be amazed with the transformation.”

There are some quarters who believe the job of a photoshop artist is easy, with your fingers easily manipulating the pictures with the use of a computer.

He explains that he goes through a lot of creative thinking before he manipulates a picture to make it look more beautiful, artistic and meaningful. This thinking process requires a lot of hard work and research.

There are purist photographers who do not believe in photo manipulation and who do not see his work as artistic.

$!Lord Krishna and Balram are known for stealing butter. – PICTURE COURTESY OF RAMES HARIKRISHNASAMY

“There is a massive interpretation of what art is,” he said.

He does not think what he is doing is wrong, as long as the goal is sincere, with the aim of creating art.

“In the old days, there were no cars, so you have to walk.”

“Now you have a car, you might as well use it. The same goes with photography. We have the technology that can enhance our pictures, so let’s use this technology.”

One of the strongest elements in his artworks is his love for incorporating elements from Hindu mythology.

“I try to humanise the Hindu gods and goddesses in my work,” he said.

For example, he tries to explore the mischievious antics of Hindu gods in their childhood years. In one of his works, he shows Lord Krishna and his friend Balram stealing butter just not for themselves but also for the orphanage by filling up a container that they brought with them.

He also explores the warm relationship of Hindu goddesses with their children, depicted in one artwork where he shows Goddess Parvati and her son Lord Murugan riding a lion while exploring the countryside.

With creativity and imagination, he brings Hindu gods and goddesses into the current situation. For example, in one artwork, he shows goddess Parvati crowning a frontliner doctor.

Rames says his wife Jamunaa and his three-year-old daughter Lhea are the main muses and inspiration for his artworks.

He hopes to write a children’s book featuring the unique photos he has created.

“I believe even non-Hindus will enjoy my book because the stories of love and caring are always universal,” he said of the book, which he hopes to complete before the end of the year.