14th edition of MGF sees 20% increase in exhibitors

THE Malaysia Gifts Fair (MGF) kicked off its 14th edition at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, its biggest exhibition ever, with the theme “Gifts for A Circular Future“.

Dubbed the largest gift fair in Malaysia, this year’s event showcases a 20% increase in exhibitors, featuring local and international participants from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK and Vietnam.

$!Performance that shows off the diversity of different cultures.

The three-day MGF 2024, which ends today, features 135 companies occupying 283 booths, exhibiting over 50,000 corporate gifts and innovative products. The fair is set to attract 16,000 visitors, including representatives from corporations, government-linked companies, embassies and government entities.

Additionally, international buyers from Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, India and several Central Asian countries are in attendance, sourcing products and forming new business connections.

Innovative initiatives and CSR

This year’s fair introduces e-cash vouchers to streamline transactions and enhance engagement between exhibitors and visitors. Event organiser The Malaysian Gifts & Premium Association (MGPA) is subsidising 40% of the RM200,000 worth of e-cash vouchers. This initiative aims to boost sales, potentially generating transactions exceeding RM3 million during the event.

MGF 2024 also emphasises corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its partnership with the National Autism Society of Malaysia (Nasom). The collaboration aims to educate the community about autism, recognising it as a spectrum of human experience. Workshops on this topic are being held throughout the event, reflecting the fair’s commitment to social awareness and inclusivity.

Leadership and vision

In his opening remarks, MGF 2024 organising chairman Albert Choong highlighted the fair’s achievements and future goals.

$!Choong highlighted the fair’s achievements and future goals.

“This year’s event marks not just a milestone but the beginning of a thrilling new chapter in our journey. The substantial growth in exhibitors broadens the scope of our fair and amplifies its influence, offering unmatched opportunities for networking, collaboration and business expansion.”

MGPA president Ivan Loo emphasised the importance of MGPA Connect+, a platform designed to foster international partnerships and enhance the quality of industry engagements.

$!Loo emphasised the importance of MGPA Connect+.

“Through MGPA Connect+, we are not merely participating on the global stage, we are actively shaping it. This global vision promises economic benefits and a more interconnected and supportive industry ecosystem.”

The role of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) in supporting MGF and promoting Malaysia’s exports was underscored by both leaders. Matrade’s endorsement has been pivotal in helping exhibitors reach global markets, enhancing the fair’s credibility and providing exhibitors with valuable opportunities to showcase their innovations internationally.

$!Discover over 50,000 corporate gifts and innovative products at MGF 2024.

Exhibition highlights

Visitors to MGF 2024 are greeted with an impressive line of products and innovations, reflecting the fair’s theme of sustainability and future-oriented gifting. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement as exhibitors and buyers engage in meaningful discussions and negotiations. The introduction of e-cash vouchers has streamlined transactions, making it easier for visitors to make purchases and for exhibitors to close deals.

Workshops conducted in collaboration with Nasom are a significant highlight, offering attendees valuable insights into autism and promoting social responsibility. These sessions have been well-received, with many participants expressing appreciation for the fair’s commitment to important social issues.

The 14th MGF stands as proof of the growth and innovation within the corporate gifting industry. With a record number of exhibitors and visitors, initiatives like e-cash vouchers and a strong focus on CSR, MGF 2024 sets new standards for future events. The synergy between MGPA and Matrade further moves the fair’s status, promising continued success and global recognition for Malaysia’s corporate gifting industry.