Dr Leandro seen holding a patient’s hand ferrying the child dressed in their favorite superhero outfit into the surgical room.

Dr Leandro Brandão, an otolaryngologist based in Divinópolis, Brazil, has found a creative solution to alleviate the anxiety experienced by children undergoing surgery.

In a heartwarming video shared on Instagram, Brandão showcases his method of dressing his young patients in superhero costumes, allowing them to confidently walk into the operating room without fear.

For 14 years, Brandão has specialised in paediatric surgery. However, one aspect of his work has always troubled him: having to separate children from their parents before a surgery.

In an effort to minimise the emotional strain on both children and parents, Brandão came up with the idea of providing superhero costumes to his patients.

After conducting research, Brandão found a supplier who could produce these costumes at an affordable price, eliminating the need for the children to return them after the operation.

This approach has not only made a significant impact on the children’s experience, but it has also brought an element of joy to the doctors and nurses they encounter along the way.

Prior to being sedated, the young patients are presented with capes and costumes resembling famous superheroes. This small gesture of playfulness helps to replace the intimidating surgical gowns, creating a more comfortable environment for the children.

Brandão even empowers them to embrace their inner superheroes, allowing them to run or “fly” into the operating room while being carried by the doctor himself.

“The parents stay outside, amazed at the way the child goes in. They don’t suffer so much and they don’t think that they’re letting their most precious treasure be taken away,“ Dr. Brandão explains.

The impact of this initiative extends beyond just easing anxiety for children and parents. Brandão’s video has gained significant popularity online, inspiring others to find creative ways to help children cope with the stress of medical procedures.

For Brandão, it is all about ensuring that the process is as comfortable as possible for his young patients and their families. By harnessing the power of imagination and play, he is bringing smiles to the faces of children who would otherwise face great fear and apprehension.

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