Seafood is undoubtedly a luxurious option to order at a restaurant, especially crabs which something range in the hundreds of ringgit.

So it’s understandable that if you’re forking out so much for it, you’d expect a sizable portion.

However that was not the case for this unfortunate woman.

A frustrated customer recently took to her Xiahongshu account to share how she and her boyfriend had dined at a Thai restaurant in Penang.

She initially wanted to order the restaurant’s Crab Meat Fried Rice which cost RM18.

However, after reading a couple of reviews on Xiahongshu which shared that the portion of crab in the dish was small, she was hesitant to order it.

But the restaurant offered an upgrade of the dish, the Crab Komtar for a whopping RM78.

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She stated that she wanted to order more dishes but the waiter informed her that the Crab Komtar’s portion was very huge and is able to feed two to three people.

Taking the waiter’s advice into account, she ordered just the dish.

“I was fantasising about the fried rice along with crab roe being generously poured on top of it,” shared the woman as she excitedly awaited for the dish to arrive.

Alas, instead of a huge plate of fluffy fried rice with juicy crab meat chunks and delicious crab roe, what arrived was a plate of fried rice with bits of crab meat in it.

“Our first reaction was: ‘Is this all there is? OMG.”

“The RM78 price tag is like a double of RM18 dish with a little more crab meat. Where is my Crab Komtar?” asked the clearly frustrated customer.

She ended her post by stating that while the taste of the food was actually not bad, she was disappointed in how the dinner turned out.

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