THERE’S just something special into biting into a burger - but imagine if the burger patty turned out cold and raw?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Singapore who decided to share her disgust on Facebook after realising the burger she was eating was still raw on the inside.

She claimed to have ordered it from a well-known fast-food restaurant and explained why it tasted unattractive and raw.

She blurted out that it was “cold and mushy,“ clearly expressing her dismay.

The woman, disturbed by what she saw, complained to the management of the restaurant.

She was relieved that the manager responded quickly, offering a complete refund.

Nevertheless, the woman declined the offer of a substitute burger because she was too repulsed by the whole thing.

In an effort to spread awareness and make sure such accidents don’t happen again, she went one step further and reported the incident to the Singapore Food Agency.

Mothership claims that the SFA has taken up the complaint and is looking into it, and that the restaurant has apologized and emphasized the significance of following stringent cooking procedures in all locations.

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