AT any sporting event, tensions are bound to run high to the point where it can turn into a violent affair if one’s emotions are not kept in check.

During a recent sporting event, a father was recently spotted reacting angrily during his son’s football match.

A video on X shared by @ronramka showed the man sporting a jersey picking up what seems to be a metal rod and headed to the pitch.

“There are people like this who are enablers to their own children - showing their bad behaviour. What a lousy parent,” he said in his post.

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Fortunately, the auxiliary police from the People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) managed to stop the man from going any further and took the rod away.

While the man exited the venue with his son, he turned around and raised his hand toward the RELA personnel and walked away.

Seeing the father’s reaction, netizens blasted him for putting another’s life at risk just because of a red card.

Many even pointed out that parents these days are too entitled, placing their children on a pedestal.