MALAYSIANS can always depend on our firefighters to be ready at a moment’s notice to help us or our furry friends if caught in a pinch.

Recently, a video of a cat stuck outside on the high floor of an apartment rescued by firefighters has been circulating all over social media.

The cat’s owner had uploaded the video on her TikTok account of her naughty cat who snuck out of the window in her apartment and remained stuck outside the apartment, on one of the various columns and walls.

“Fanta jumped out of the window and somehow ‘ninja’ (snuck) his way to the other side. He didn’t know how to come back, so I had to call ‘abang bomba’ to rescue him.

“Grateful to these firefighters from Jinjang Fire and Rescue Station,” she captioned her video.

Firefighters managed to arrive at the scene in less than 15 minutes, according to the owner’s response to netizens, and devised a strategy on rescuing her pet cat, Fanta.

In the video, a firefighter maneuvered through the columns of the apartment building and managed to reach Fanta, assisted by another firefighter.

The rescue unit then approached Fanta, perched on a wide column, and swiftly grabbed the mischveous feline and then another firefighter came with a cage to put Fanta in.

Netizens were amused by the cat’s antics while others have praised the fire brigade’s efficiency in Fanta’s rescue mission.

“It’s always an oyen. Thank you, abang bomba!” a netizen said, referring to Fanta as ‘oyen’ due to its orange colour.

“Thank goodness your cat behaved while the firefighters were picking him up,” another netizen commented.

“I would cry if he moved an inch. Glad that he’s so calm when ‘abang bomba’ is approaching,” a netizen pointed out.

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