AT the mention of mummy’s boy, many women would run for the hills because who wants to deal with all that drama? After all, caring for one’s mother does not equal ignoring your partner’s needs.

A woman recently expressed her disdain towards the mommy’s boy type of men in a post on Facebook page XUAN Play.

“What I hate the most is that every time a man encounters a problem (in the relationship), he will just say, ‘She is my mother, there is nothing I can do about it.’

“There is no one more self-destructive than a mommy’s boy” she said

She added that these men, based on her experience, are willing to “sacrifice” their own relationship to remain within their “comfort zones” – overly depending on their mothers.

The anonymous woman also pointed out how mummy’s boy mothers themselves are a part of the problem, calling out the mothers’ “controlling and possessiveness” towards their sons.

She also suggested that these mothers may even have what she calls a “love complex” towards their sons, presumably making them heavily rely on their mothers to the point of sacrificing their other relationships, as she had mentioned earlier.

“Many mummy’s boys are used to compromising their lives all the time for their mother’s wants and needs,” she mentioned.

Furthermore, she even dropped some “sage advise” to these mummy’s boys and their mothers when it comes to matters of the heart.

“My advise to all mommy’s boys is to please lock yourselves up with your mothers if you refuse to change your ways.

“I also advise all mothers to not be the devil and stop being too attached to your sons!” she said.

Other than that, she also imparted some words of wisdom for young women beginning to dip their toes into the dating pool.

“If a boy’s attitude is that of a mummy’s boy, don’t think that you can change him one day. The only thing you can do is to save yourself and run away,” she added.

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