No one can turn down a plate of Malaysian nasi lemak. Even Singaporean actor Gurmit Singh admitted he’s got the hots for our nasi lemak.

So its no surprise that our nasi lemak is now making waves in Shanghai!

Chinese foodie, EatAi亦太(HalalFoodie), took to his TikTok account to showcase Malaysian Chef Shah and his eatery in Shanghai, One Coconut One Rice where he sells his nasi lemak.

In the video, Chef Shah, who can speak Mandarin, explains that he has been residing in China for the past 15 years.

Chef Shah works alongside his younger brother in their eatery where he shows that he uses only halal ingredients for his nasi lemak.

“How many can you sell a day?” queried the man to which Chef Shah replied, “In one day along with deliveries, I can sell almost 400 plus.”

“People in Shanghai really like nasi lemak because I teach them how to eat nasi lemak,” shared Chef Shah before adding that he does videos to introduce nasi lemak to his customers.

According to Chef Shah, the customers also enjoy his nasi lemak sambal (which looks extremely mouth watering).

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