IT is a tale of betrayal for 37-year-old Malaysian known as Law took to Facebook Live recently, and shared on how he was kidnapped in Bangkok in a scheme devised by a friend he had known for a decade.

According to Law, he reconnected with his friend last April when the latter invited him to Bangkok for a religious festival and a holiday, promising to cover all expenses.

“He did invite me for a meal, which was supposed to be on him.

“Then, he invited me to Bangkok for a religious festival and a holiday but the best part was, he said the trip was on him,“ he said.

Excited, he accepted the offer despite not securing a return ticket.

Upon landing in Bangkok on May 7, his friend led him to a car where he lost consciousness after drinking a bottle of water.

Waking up in Burma, he realised the holiday had turned into a nightmare.

“When I was awake, I saw 4 men from China and a Malaysian man. One of them asked for RM50,000,“ he recalled.

Law endured brutal beatings and cuts while being held captive, witnessing other victims suffering the same fate.

Law’s escape remains unclear, but he shared about a Burmese soldier who helped him escape.

“I met a Burmese soldier who could speak BM. He protected me for two weeks before I was brought home by the representatives of the Malaysian Humanitarian Organisation (MHO).”

Having returned to Kuala Lumpur safely on July 9, Law’s attempts to contact his so-called friend were futile, as the number was no longer in service.