THE government has set the retail price for diesel fuel at RM3.35 per litre effective 12am on June 10 at all petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia.

Many Malaysians have taken to social media to share their woes and worries about the price hike.

One of them, Malaysian TikTok use PakWee shared his experience refuelling at a petrol station recently.

The video shows him refuelling the car and the price on the screen of the petrol pump very quickly climbs to RM210.

“This is a nightmare for anyone who owns a 4x4. This is my first time fueling up diesel at RM3.35 per litre,” said the man.

“After this, I really need to change to a petrol car,” said the man while staring at the price going up on the screen.

The price on the screen finally stops, and the man was required to fork out RM210.70 for a full tank.

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The user continued, “For my car, a Mitsubishi Triton VGT, I used to fill the tank for RM130, but this time a full tank cost RM210.70. More than RM80 extra per tank.”

The man then explained that he uses a full tank in just three days and that if he continues to pay such prices, he would be paying a lot of money in a month.

After refuelling, he prints out the receipt for “memories”.

Lastly, he hoped that the government’s targets are accurate and that prices of goods do not rise as a consequence of the fuel price hike.

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