A young man was harassed by a driver who was enraged that his vehicle was overtaken by him after refusing to give way for the young man to overtake his vehicle.

In a Facebook post by Manojnath Krishnamurthi, the incident took place on the North-South Expressway in Pagoh, Johor at 4pm on Saturday (May 4).

A video attached to Manojath’s post, the man driving a white Perodua Alza was shown recording him using his phone while he was driving while caught up in a verbal altercation during the 4pm incident.

“Despite knowing his wife and kids were in his car, he never hesitated to put their lives in danger and kept tailgating me,” he said.

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Not only that, Manojath alleged that the man wanted to “fight him” and proceeded to stop at the side of the highway.

“He still tried to overtake me for several minutes just to ask for a settlement,” he added.

Another video showed the angry driver confronting Manojath outside of his car, demanding that he get down from his car and even tried to open his car door forcefully.

It was also revealed that Manojath had lodged a police report the following day.

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