IN MARRIAGE, it is important to be wary of who you are settling down with especially if you plan on having children down the road. While marriage does not spell a bed of roses, it is important for both partners to respect and uplift each other when navigating through life’s challenges.

A married man recently expressed his contemplation on divorcing his wife due to receiving never-ending negativity about his career and salary.

Shared on Facebook by MY (Malaysia), the man sarcastically started off by saying that he has a “wonderful” wife who always looked down on him when he started his business.

“When I started my business, she kept on saying that I would not succeed and told me to get a job,” he said in his post.

Things however took a plunge for the worst as the woeful husband was also getting berated by his wife despite securing employment, because of how much he earns.

“When I was working, she would complain about my salary asking why it is so low,” he added.

Due to her constant criticism of him, the aggrieved husband is now mentally drained and exhausted every time he comes back from work, which prompted him to consider a divorce, despite having children.

Netizens looked to the man to see things from his wife’s perspective and advised him against getting a divorce.

“She complains but she has never left you. No matter how much money you have, she says something about it but still supports your income for the family. Why can’t you live up to it? Have you thanked her for getting through this hardship together?” a netizen said.

“Try to be calm and reasonable and try communicating with your wife to get to the bottom of this matter. Divorce is not the only solution,” another netizen suggested.