WHILE being financially stable is an important part of marriage, no one’s worth should be tied down to their income.

A woman had the worst wake up call regarding her husband and his intentions in marrying her and building a family.

XUAN Play on Facebook posted the confession by the anonymous woman whose husband started to place her value in her earning power and in her words, revealing himself to be a “calculating” person.

She said that her high income would be the subject of many arguments, where the husband admitted that he married her due her earning three times more than him, adding that he would leave her if she stopped working.

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“He wants me to work and earn money, and also take care of the children and the house.

“But when he comes back from work, he just plays games and ignores his wife and children,” she added.

The woman brought up an instance of her husband’s cold attitude towards her when she was giving birth, pointing out that he was not by her side despite experiencing heavy bleeding and other “life-threatening” ailments due to childbirth.

“When I was escorted out of the delivery room, I saw other husbands waiting outside but my husband was sleeping at home,” she lamented.

The wife also came to a realisation that eventhough she is willing to “endure hardships” with her husband does not mean that she did not deserve to only go through hardships.

Netizens sympathised with the woman’s plight and suggested to leave her husband, pointing out that he is a selfish man and will never change his ways no matter how long she puts up with his behaviour.

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