A married man has confessed to being stuck between a rock and a hard place after his female boss offered him a promotion in exchange for an illicit affair with her with his wife giving the green light.

Posted on Facebook page XUAN Play, the man expressed his discomfort being harassed by his boss who is also the daughter of his company’s boss - feeling that he has to comply to her requests despite having the knowledge that he is a married man.

He then recalled a time where she called him to come over to her residence for “company matters” but he found that no one else but the both of them were in the house.

“She kept hinting that she wanted to have an affair with me, but I am very clear that I am married and would never cross that line,” the man said in his confession.

The female superior then brought up the topic of a promotion for him following a senior employee’s retirement but he knew that there would be a catch in her offer.

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His guess was right as she told him that he would be promoted to the aforementioned job position if he became her “boyfriend”, accompanying her daily and joining for dinners after work like any other couple.

He was quite aghast at her request but had not replied. To make matters worse for the unfortunate soul, he was threatened that he would be sacked if he did not “agree” to her terms, leading him to ponder on leaving the company as he did not want to get involved.

In a surprising twist, his wife agreed to let him take the clandestine offer, saying that she did not mind if he had “an ambiguous or intimate relationship” with his superior so long as he can keep his five-figure monthly income job.

While the situation posed a great concern for the man, netizens instead encouraged the affair, saying that he is lucky to “live the dream” and praised his wife for being quite understanding.

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