ECONOMIC Minister Rafizi Ramli and his family was recently in for a shock when his residence was trashed by none other then his pet cats.

Taking to Facebook, yesterday, Rafizi said his 10 cats had not only rummaged through the kitchen cabinets but also trampled on the fake flower decor in the residence.

Additionally, Rafizi also posted pictures of the cats hanging out at the staircase and gym room.

“The motive is believed to be dissatisfaction as the 10 suspects had been left behind while out family went back for Raya,“ the minister wrote in a jest in his post.

In response, a netizen made a cheeky comment: “If (only) the cats were registered under the Padu system.”

While another netizen advised: “I hope this is a lesson to all cat-owners to fulfill all your cat’s wants and needs.”

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