JUST last year, roti canai was rated as the second best food in the world out of 100 foods from around the world.

Recently, Taste Atlas came out with another list ranking foods around the world and this time it is the opposite being “100 Worst Rated Foods in the World.”

Malaysia, unfortunately, was included in the list at 48th place taken by “nasi goreng kambing.” In the ranking, the well-loved dish was rated 3.1 stars.

Meanwhile, the top five worst foods were from Iceland, USA, Israel, Sweden and Latvia.

The number one spot was taken by Hákarl, a cured shark flesh dish from Iceland, “often considered to be food for the brave” as the “high ammonia content often makes people gag,” according to the review by Taste Atlas.

The list has been updated until Dec 14 2023, with 273,250 out of 396,447 ratings recorded as legitimate ratings.

While nasi goreng kambing is a dish loved by many Malaysians, we must remember that people’s tastes, especially on an international level, are subjective and we can agree to disagree which food is the taste the best.